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Hang-A-Plan filing systems allow large amounts of plans to be well organised and easily accessed using only a minimal amount of storage space.

Hang-A-Plan can save up to 80% on floor space and cuts filing times by over 75%.

Hang-A-Plan Front Loader Trolleys and Wall Racks provide clear and easy unobstructed access to all plans. Plans are loaded into binders and hang on a trolley or wall rack for storage

Hang-A-Plan Systems

Quick and Easy Use
Hang-A-Plan Front Loader Trolleys permit quick and easy access to all drawings.  Patented QUICKFILE plan binders use innovative technology to allow plans and drawings to be filed or retrieved up to twice as fast when compared to other plan binders.

Saves Time and Money
Compared to a traditional drawer system, the Hang-A-Plan vertical filing system saves up to 80% on floor space and cuts filing and retrieval time by over 75%.

Hang-A-Plan filing systems are perfect for storing plans, drawings, and other large flat sheets and materials such as maps and charts, posters and prints, or even sample swatches of wall paper, gift wrapping paper, curtain fabrics, dress clothes and carpets.

10 Year Guarantee
Every binder is hand assembled and tested to meet strict quality standards. If any components prove defective under normal use, they will be replaced free of charge.

Worldwide Patents
Hang-A-Plan trolleys and QUICKFILE binders are protected by invention and design patents worldwide.

10 year guarantee

Reviews – QUICKFILE Plan Binders
Judge’s comments from Australian Design Awards 2005:


“This is most definitely an improvement upon existing options / products”

“The mechanism is good and an excellent way to store documents. An improved and functional system, the design is robust.”

“The appropriateness is quite well thought out as the need to store large format sheets with quick access and mobility is still very real in many design studios and architecture offices.”


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