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Hang-A-Plan QUICKFILE Front Loader Binder


QUICKFILE’S unique world patented design dramatically shortens the time needed to file plans, drawings and large format materials. 

QUICKFILE binders are manufactured from premium grade aluminium and strong composite components.   The superior three-piece clamp design delivers a strong and even continuous grip.  Additional features include index tabs with replaceable inserts, nylon end-caps to protect furniture from scratches and a durable scratch resistant powder coat finish, or anodized aluminium silver finish.


Alignment Extension
Use the new alignment extension to line up drawings and effortlessly guide them into the clamp.


Quick Click Filing
Cut filing time in half. Quick release cam levers open and close the clamp with a simple “click”.  The lever base locks the lever in the closed position. The levers twist for easy clamp adjustment.

Carry Handle
The size, shape and positioning of the comfortable carry handle makes it easier to carry heavy loads.

Gripping Power
Three-piece super-continuous aluminium clamp and QUICKFILE cam levers deliver superior gripping power to hold a single sheet or up to 150 (A1) sheets with ease.

Longer Length
The QUICKFILE binder is designed to hold USA sizes: 36”, 30” & 24” as well as the DIN A0, B1 & A1 drawings.

The QUICKFILE binder is fully compatible with all storage racks and trolleys in both the Hang-A-Plan Front Loading and Drop Mount systems.

10-Year Product Guarantee

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QUICKFILE Binders 3 sizes

Premium Front Loader Binder

Made from strong lightweight aluminium with a convenient carry handle. The handles have been
die-cast, polished and electro statically painted and a metal “stop” button ensures that binders are securely and evenly stored on the racking system.

Font Loader Binder

Premium Front Loader Binders are suitable for both Front Loader and Drop Mount racking systems. The binders are made in 4 sizes from 18” - 36” long for A0, B1, A1 and A2 sheet sizes. 10-Year Guarantee

Premium Binders
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GENERAL Front Loader Binder

A lower priced Front Loader Binder with composite nylon carry handle and wing nuts. Clamp manufactured from premium grade aluminium. 3-piece clamp construction for superior gripping power that will hold a single sheet, or up to 150 sheets.
Self-adhesive index labels are supplied for indexing and the binder has a 10-year guarantee.

General Clamps
A0 and A1 size binders available, only suitable for Hang-A-Plan Front Loader Trolleys and Wall Rack.
General Clamp
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Drop Mount Binder. No Handle

A lower priced binder without carry handle in sizes A0 and A1. The A0 binder holds up to 100 sheets and A1 binder up to 120 sheets. This binder still has the strong super continuous grip but, without the handle, is only suitable for the Drop Mount racks and trolleys. Drop Mount Binder
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Hang-A-Plan Binder Specifications
Model Size Product Code Length (mm)

Clamp Length (mm)

Clamp width (mm) Sheet capacity Weight capcity Colour
QUICKFILE A0 D202A 957 914.4 25 100 9kg Silver
QUICKFILE A0 D202B 957 914.4 25 100 9kg Black
QUICKFILE B1 D201A 806 762 25 120 8kg Silver
QUICKFILE B1 D201B 806 762 25 120 8kg Black
QUICKFILE A1 D200A 660 609 25 150 7kg Silver
QUICKFILE A1 D200B 660 609 25 150 7kg Black
Premium A0 D022A 950 900 25 100 9kg Silver
Premium A0 D022B 950 900 25 100 9kg Black
Premium B1 D021A 800 755 25 120 8kg Silver
Premium B1 D021B 800 755 25 120 8kg Black
Premium A1 D020A 650 605 25 150 7kg Silver
Premium A1 D020B 650 605 25 150 7kg Black
Premium A2 D019A 500 455 25 150 4kg Silver
Premium A2 D019B 500 455 25 150 4kg Black
General A0 D102A 902 902 25 100 9kg Silver
General A1 D100A 605 605 25 150 7kg Silver
Drop Mount A0 D302A 950 900 25 100 9kg Silver
Drop Mount A0 D203B 950 900 25 100 9kg Black
Drop Mount A1 D300B 650 605 25 150 7kg Silver
Drop Mount A1 D300A 650 605 25 150 7kg Black
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