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Trolleys and Wall Racks

Many racking options including

- Premium Front Loader Trolleys
- General Front Loader Trolleys
- Drop Mount Trolleys
- Front Loader Wall Rack
- Drop Mount Wall Rack

All Hang-A-Plan trolleys supplied empty, your choice of Plan Binders are supplied separately, see below.

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Plan Binders / Clamps / Hangers

Four Plan Binder options to satisfy different requirements for size, cost and use.

Choose between the world patented time saving QUICKFILE binder, the original Premium Binder, the new simple and strong GENERAL Binder or the DROP MOUNT Binder.

Drop Mount Binders are only suitable for Drop Mount Trolleys. All other Plan Binders are suitable to be used on all Hang-A-Plan Trolleys.

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Plan Binders

CAD Mobile Project File

The perfect solution to efficiently store up to 960 A2/A3 size drawings.

Ideal for office use, rolls under a desk for easy storage and access.

Trolley comes complete with 8 clamps, and has a 16 clamp capacity.

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Cad Mobile

Roll-A-Plan Telescopic Plan Tube

Ideal for safe storage and transport of important plans, drawings, maps, etc.

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Plan Tube




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