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There are two systems to rack the Hang-A-Plan file binders.

• Front Loader system – well featured system with centre point hanging.
• Drop Mount system – a more economical system with two-end point hanging.

All racks are nylon coated for a tough, anti-corrosive finish and are supplied in black only. The options for racking the file binders range from 5 to 25 binder capacity.

General Trolley Ease of Use
The suspension filing system ensures that the sheets are always flat and guard against tears, wrinkles, curls and folds, and requires no expensive binding strip. Simple to load by laying the binder on a flat tabletop, loosening the wing nuts, sliding in the sheet and then tightening the wing-nuts again. Finger tightness with the friction binder provides all the clamping strength required. Drawings are then systematically filed and in that position can be referenced or accessed as easily as flipping through the pages of a book or loose-leaf binder.

Front Loader Trolleys and Wall Rack

Premium Trolleys have a load capacity of 125kg and are fitted with a fifth wheel for improved mobility. Each trolley is supplied with a detachable steel systems shelf. A tool is provided for easy assembly of trolley and systems shelf. The Premium trolley is available in two sizes each with a 25 binder capacity. The large trolley for A0 and B1 binders and the smaller trolley for A1 and A2 binders.

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The General Trolley is a lower cost option. It has a 20 binder capacity and a load capacity of 100 kg. The General trolley supports front loader binders including the QUICKFILE binder, the Premium Binder and the new General Binder.

Two trolley size options, A0 and A1 size.

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Premium Trolley
A1 Premium Trolley

General Trolley
A0 General Trolley

The Wall Rack 1200 is height adjustable for any length drawings. The Rack has a 10 binder capacity and holds all sizes of front loader binders. The wall mounting systems occupy no valuable floor space and will hold any length sheet.

Supports all sizes of front loader binders including the QUICKFILE binder, the Premium Binder and the new General Binder.

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Wall Rack

Wall Rack 1200__

Drop Mount Racks & Trolleys

The Drop Mount Trolley has a simple drop on/lift off system for binders with or without handles. The trolley is available in two sizes to support A0 and A1 binders and has a 15 binder capacity with a maximum load capacity of 100 kg. Self-assembly with tool provided.

Suitable for all A0 or A1 size Hang-A-Plan binders except for the General Binder

Drop Mount Wall Brackets hold 5 binders and is supplied with template for fixing to a wall.

Suitable for all Hang-A-Plan binders except for the General Binder

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Drop Mount Trolley
Drop Mount Trolley
Hang-A-Plan Trolleys
The General Front Loader Trolley and the Drop Mount trolleys are designed for transporting a maximum capacity of 100kg (1,000 A0 size sheets or 2,200 A1 size sheets). The Premium Front Loader trolleys are designed for a 25% larger load. The wheels enable the storage system to roll easily to the point of use. If stationary racking system only is required, the wheels can be dispensed with and capacity increases to 300kg (or 3,000 A0 size sheets) on the Premium Front Loader trolley.

Space Saving Systems Shelf
Premium Front Loader Trolleys are supplied with a bonus system shelf, which offers additional storage capacity for specification sheets or associated files.

Self Assemble
For convenience of on-site to off-site transport, all Hang-A-Plan racking systems are supplied knocked down for self-assembly with the aid of the one simple tool provided.

Hang-A-Plan Trolley Product Specifications
Description Size Product Code Height (mm)

Width (mm)

Depth (mm) Colour Capacity Binders
Premium Trolley's A0 D054 1330 665 800 Black 25
Without shelf A1 D055 1010 665 730 Black 25
Systems shelf only - D056 15 670 285 Black -
With shelf AO D057 1345 670 800 Black 25
With shelf A1 D058 1025 670 730 Black 25
General Trolley A0 D060 1320 550 800 Black 20
General Trolley A1 D061 990 550 730 Black 20
Front Loader Wall Rack All Sizes D065 100 140 300 Black 10
Drop Mount Trolley A0 D051 1325 970 550 Black 20
Drop Mount Trolley A1 D052 1020 665 550 Black 20
Drop Mount Wall
All Sizes D090 107 15 138 Black 5

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2 Tiered TrolleyDrop Mount TrolleysGeneral TrolleySystems Shelf
^ Premium Trolley with Quickfile Binders


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